"... Miguel Ángel Tamarit, Valencian soloist of international prestige, contributed, as a first virtue, a neat and suggestive sound, rich in harmonics and especially intense in the bass ..." JOSÉ DOMENECH PART, Levant

Miguel Ángel Tamarit and the Berlin Philharmonic Quintet take us on a luxurious journey.  Jorge Bezo. BACHTRAC

“... the sound that Miguel Ángel Tamarit managed to get out of his instrument was very appropriate: pure, crystalline ... the perfect timbre to evoke that sonorous and nostalgic atmosphere that Mozart tries to create. This is followed by a question and answer game in which he highlighted the complicity shown between the members of the Berlin Philharmonic Quintet and especially between Coelho and Tamarit.
DAVID SANTANA. Codalario.com


Born in Valencia, he graduated from the Higher Conservatory of Music in Valencia, further studies at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, with Professor Alfred Prinz and later at the Hochschule für Musik und Dasrstellende Kunst in Vienna, Austria, where he received clarinet classes and chamber music with professors Alfred Prinz and Ernst Ottensamer.

Founding member of the Zaragoza Conservatory Orchestra, he has collaborated with the Valencia Municipal Orchestra. In 1990 he filled the position of Solo Clarinet in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Las Palmas, Canarias and in 1999 to 2003 solo clarinet of the European Symphony Orchestra.

In 1990 he founded the Johannes Brahms Trio, awarded a scholarship by the European Union in 1994 for the Kaleidoscope Project, he expanded his studies of Chamber Music with professors F. Zadra and P. Vernikov, and since then, he has collaborated with Turiae Camerata, Silvestre String Quartet , Resident Quartet from Salzburg, 20th Century Music Society, Quintet de Vent from Valencia, String Quartet of the European Symphony Orchestra, Cristian Florea, Rasvan Neculai, Bela Kovacs, Lluis Claret and Roberto Issoglio. He has collaborated with Spanish musicians such as Josep Carreras, Plácido Domingo and Teresa Berganza.

Jury member of the prestigious “The International Competition. Three Generations of Mozart “Hagen, Germany and professor of clarinet in the Chair of Clarinet at the University of applied Sciences, Osnabrück, Germany, since 2000 he is regularly invited to the most prestigious European festivals, performing in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Norway, Switzerland and Finland. Among them the subscription concerts for the Salzburg Mozart Society in Turin, the Emäsalo Music Festival and the Porvoon Festival in Finland and Grieg in Bergen, Norway.

Since 2004 he has performed chamber music concerts with the Szymanowski Quartet (Germany) and the Sestetto Stradivari (Italy) and the String Quintet of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, performing the clarinet quintets of Mozart, Weber and Brahms, the concerts with Ventus Quintet and the recitals of French and German music with the pianist Kei Hikichi, as well as the recitals of Italian music with the pianist Renata Benvegnu, an activity carried out in the best national and international concert halls with recognition from the public and critics.

Since 2019 he has been performing with the string quintet of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, with which he receives the award for his work as a musician, an activity that he carries out in the best national and international concert halls with recognition from the public and critics. In 2023 he is elected Artist by the Selmer and Vandoren firms.

Tamarit plays on Selmer Clarinets and Vandoren materials.


"... the day before yesterday he exhibited here a great artistic level. Tamarit took advantage of the opportunity offered by this score and made an impact again creating phrases well-endowed with breath, as she did in the "larghetto", and playing with great finesse in the first and last movements, the "allegro con variazioni", where the ensemble al plenary joined the soloist in a display of virtuosity and wit.

Heraldo de Aragón (LUIS ALFONSO BES)

"... with the elegance and rhythm in Poulenc and the palette of colours used in the Première Rhapsodie of Debussy, clarinettist Miguel Angel Tamarit gave us a spectacular evening, its creation and trade staged musical discourse at all times..."


"... the virtuosity and elegance combined with talent and complicity on stage, were an explosive mixture that Miguel Angel Tamarit clarinettist presented us with the perfect music."